About Simply.Law

Simply.Law’s mission is to connect consumers with the right lawyer for their needs and thus to generate work for lawyers in which they are highly competent. Free to use for the consumer, the Simply.Law website is packed with useful information, legal articles and up-to-date points of law, accompanied on each page by related lawyer profiles. These comprehensive bios allow users to choose a particular solicitor, qualified paralegal or chartered legal executive whom they feel suits their needs. Users can also get a fixed price for certain legal services. For instance, we now offer fixed price probate solicitor services through our Probate Costs Calculator. After answering a quick-fire set of questions, users are delivered a range of probate quotes from specialist probate solicitors. We are currently in the process of rolling fixed-price services out over multiple legal areas including divorce, conveyancing and immigration matters. Rather than contacting a random law firm and being allocated a solicitor, the user is given a greater degree of control about the legal professional they approach. Simply.Law takes the mystery out of engaging a solicitor as the profiles are given a rating and offer clear, well organised information, as well as being easily available. The platform also offers a great degree of search flexibility – for instance the user can stipulate a certain practice area as well as being able to search by distance from their postcode. All member lawyers must adhere to the Simply.Law Member Lawyer Code and pay fees to be included on the website. The code aims to ensure that clients are always put first and that member lawyers will exhibit integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership, alongside good communication and responsiveness. Above all, Simply.Law is about providing a straightforward route to specialist solicitors. So, anyone who wishes to engage a lawyer can make a properly informed choice.

It’s about Lawyers not Law Firms

Our research has shown that those searching for legal services online are more interested in the lawyer who is going to be dealing with their case than the law firm they work for. This compelled us to focus on providing detailed information by way of individual lawyer profiles so that our consumers can glean all the information they need in order to make well informed choices as to whom they wish to instruct.

Legal guides

We encourage our member lawyers to publish helpful and informative legal articles, blogs and guides covering their individual areas of expertise. The Simply.Law guides is designed to provide our consumers with facts, figures and information to help them understand the circumstances they find themselves in, when facing a difficult legal situation.

The Simply.Law Team

Stephen Edkins - Chairman
Stephen EdkinsChairman Simply.Law Connect With LinkedIn
Mark Julien -Managing Director
Mark JulienManaging Director Simply.Law Connect With LinkedIn
Ben Hawkins - Chief Legal Advisor
Ben HawkinsManaging Director Simply.Law Connect With LinkedIn
Olugbenga Aladejebi - Marketing
Olugbenga AladejebiMarketing Simply.Law Connect With LinkedIn
Christina Iglesias - Customer & Partner Relations
Christina IglesiasCustomer & Partner Relations Simply.Law Connect With LinkedIn
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Send us a Whatsapp message now, day or night, with details of your legal questions and what specific help you are looking for. Our team will quickly assess your requirements and work to connect you with the most relevant Simply.Law member lawyer with the optimum legal expertise to assist you.
Simply.Law Match

Let Simply.Law match you with the most suitable Lawyer

Let Simply.Law match you with the right lawyer for your case. Provide us with brief details of your case and we will make an initial assessment and refer you to an Simply.Law member lawyer who will contact you.

Types of Simply.Law Lawyers

Member Lawyer badge

Member Lawyer

A Member Lawyer has signed up to the overarching principles of Simply.Law – they will have filled in a detailed profile and are bound by the Simply.Law membership code.
Premium Member Lawyer badge

Premium Lawyer

A Premium Lawyer will receive a more prominent position than Member Lawyers on the legal information pages relevant to their field of specialism. Premium Lawyers must display the Simply.Law Badge within their personal profile page on their firm’s website or on their own website. This badge shows a commitment to Simply.Law. It also conveys to Simply.Law’s users that the Member Lawyer will adhere to the Simply.Law principles and membership code, and that their profile is up to date. Find out more here.
Contributor Member Lawyer badge

Contributor Lawyer

A Contributor Lawyer can achieve Simply.Law stars by writing blogs which appear on their own or their firm’s website relating to their field of specialism. Stars can also be gained if the contributing lawyer writes articles for the Simply.Law legal information pages. More points will be awarded if these articles are then shared via social media. Under the Simply.Law Match system of referrals Contributor Lawyers will be Simply.Law’s first port of call when a user asks us to recommend a lawyer who works in their particular legal area of need. Find out more here.

Simply.Law Badges

Simply.Law member rating badge
Simply.Law Premium member rating badge
Simply.Law Contributor member rating badge

Simply.Law Rating and Naming Conventions

The Simply.Law Badge ratings are calculated for all member lawyers using a unique algorithm which we have developed to analyse and rank the information contained within each lawyer’s Simply.Law profile. This rating can be improved by keeping the profile updated and including as much information as possible, for example case studies, testimonials and published cases. The highest Simply.Law rating will be awarded to member lawyers considered by our algorithm to have the most comprehensive profiles and those deemed to be true specialists in their particular legal field. We rate each member lawyer using an unbiased, standardised method and we do not publish exact details of how the higher ratings are achieved. The Simply.Law rating rises from the basic Member Lawyer rating of 5.5 through to an Simply.Law rating of 10 for our Superstar member lawyers. Find out more about how the ratings are calculated here.
  • 5.5Member
  • 6.0Credit
  • 6.5Good
  • 7.0Merit
  • 7.5Very Good
  • 8.0Highly Rated
  • 8.5Excellent
  • 9.0Distinction
  • 9.5Star
  • 10Super Star

Simply.Law Stars

Only Contributor Lawyers will receive Simply.Law stars (find out more here) which are earned in relation to their production of articles and blogs on the Simply.Law website and on their own or their firm’s website.
Simply.Law Contributor stars
5 points
10 points
20 points
30 points
40 points